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Full service Leasing

Full service leasing

Car rental Trigacar offers full service leasing of new vehicles of your choice. Once you are interested in this modern and very favorable form of financing that saves your money as well as your time, ask us for leasing calculation – we will prepare it for you free of any charge.
Car leasing is a very common form of financing but usually it’s the financial leasing. More and more businessmen and companies are discovering the advantages offered by the full service leasing as the favorable solution of controlling and maintaining of the company fleet. Car rental through the full service leasing provides the possibility regularly renew the fleet without any negative financial impact.
How does the full service leasing work? It’s easy. You choose a car you wish; we buy it and take care not only about all the necessary documentation but the regular maintenance as well – checks at the technical control station, we change the tires and arrange needed repairs. Complex care about your fleet is taken by our company and you just drive a brand new car.

Car rental full service leasing

The full service leasing provided by Trigacar brings you following advantages: car rental full service leasing you only pay an in advance calculated sum that fits your needs and possibilities, in Trigacar this amount is guaranteed not to be amended during the whole duration of the contract. In this amount all the additional expenses (service, toll sticker, Vehicle Excise Duty, assistance, etc.) connected with using a leased car are already calculated without the necessity of any initial investment or advance payment. During the duration of
The full service leasing is interesting even from the financial point of view. The rental payments are possible to be deducted from the income tax base and even it is possible to apply the VAT deduction on every payment. The important fact is that these leased cars are not registered as a property of your company so they do not weigh debts balance.

Once the conventional car rental

expires you do not have to buy the car from us and you have the possibility to get a brand new care using the full service leasing again and continue enjoying all the advantages of this form of financing and fleet management.
The full service leasing of vehicles at the car rental Trigacar is a very interesting form of buying a new car without the need of any initial investment and consequential troubles with service. If this type of car rental is interesting for you, do not hesitate to contact us and we will prepare a tailor made budget that fits all your requests – free of charge.
If you send us a specification of the vehicle you have chosen we will prepare the full service leasing budget in 48 hours – free of charge.