Trigacar Prague

Trigacar Prague

Advantages of using the car rental TRIGACAR

To rent a car at the car rental Trigacar offers many advantages. We guarantee that the car is in perfect technical condition thanks to regular maintenance made by authorized service stations, the contract is free of charge and in the case of long-term lease the monthly installment is guaranteed to stay the same for the whole duration of the contract. The car rental Trigacar provides cars for rent without kilometers limitation with the exception of short-term rentals for travelling abroad (the rate 1 to 4 days + weekend). The installment covers not only the rental but also the transport for a regular check, settling possible claims, original replacement parts and summer/winter tires and basic car equipment. All the cars in the car rental Trigacar are insured according to the law and against any accident that would happen on the territory of the Czech Republic or the European Union, there’s EU “green (insurance) card” issued for each car. The toll sticker costs and Vehicle Excise Duty are already included in the price for car rental.

The price for car rental at the car rental Trigacar

further includes NONSTOP assistance in the whole Czech Republic and EU. In the case of an accident or break down we arrange transport of the immobile vehicle and in the case of an accident caused by another driver we provide you a substitute car free of charge, we will deal with the police regarding possible damage and we will claim the case at the appropriate insurance company. The installments for the car rental are deductable from the income tax base and the VAT deduction is applicable on every installment so using the services of a car rental is favorable even from the financial point of view. After a consultation with us you are allowed to place your advertisement on the long-term rented cars from our car rental. Individually it is possible to arrange more additional services, for example the car cleaning. The car rental Trigacar satisfies your needs at the highest point. In contrary it is important to know that the installment does not include the costs for fuel or a substitute vehicle in the case of an accident that was caused by yourself. In the case of an accident you caused yourself you share expenses connected to the caused damage. It is 5% or at least 5000 CZK, eventually 10 % or at least 10 000 CZK according to the vehicle type.

The car you deposit a refundable

While overtaking the car you deposit a refundable cash bail, the amount of bail depends on the type and class of the vehicle you choose starting at 8 000 CZK and can be up to 30 000 CZK. You can get the information about the precise amount of cash bail on our hotline or you can inquire via e-mail. In the case of long-term cooperation with corporate customers there’s the possibility to invoice the costs without the need of depositing any cash bail. Further we newly started a fidelity program for current customers. After making a general contract we offer you more benefits including quantity discount and more.